Our Commitment


Our Commitment To Quality

Exceptional Support

As a first made-to-measure corporate clothing service our belief that whilst your organization is our client, your staff are our customers. We treat them with respect and courtesy and we understand that their feedback will help us to develop a clothing that they look forward to wearing.


All of our trained wardrobe consultants have experience in measuring customers for tailored garments. They’ll take great care in capturing measurements for an unparalleled fit. This same care will be taken by our master tailors to make outfits. Allow us to give an easy, stress-free tailoring experience.

Work Ethics

We believe in fair labour standards and reducing our environmental footprint. We strive to leave a positive impact on the world around us. Empathy, understanding, and dedication to the apparel industry drive us to cultivate true craftsmanship and to leave behind a legacy we are proud of.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the clothing we make will fit properly. Within 6-Months of purchase, we'll replace any garment that has quality issues like shrinkage, colour bleeding, interlining blister (bubbles on collar or cuffs) free of cost.