How It Works


How It Works

Stage 1

We will meet with the senior team to decide on the dates of visits.

Stage 2

All the employees book their time slot online with us one week before the date of visit.

Stage 3

We visit the workplace and measure employees in a private meeting room according to their booked time slots. This ensure that disruption to work is kept to a minimum.

Stage 4

All the garments are individually handmade by our team of expert tailors.

Stage 5

We will return with the completed garments (suits only) for a trial fitting. Each employee try on their suit on in front of a tailor.

Stage 6

All the garments will be delivered and labelled, on time and in perfect condition.

After Service

Subsequent to delivery of the garments we will keep in touch with every employee to make any final alterations that may be needed.