Pakistan's First Made To Measure Corporate Wardrobe Service

The Cutters & Fitters custom clothing service offers companies the opportunity to enhance both the employee experience and financial well-being through the 'WARDROBES FOR THE OFFICE' program. Employers know the true value of talent in today’s marketplace, where top employees, high performers, and leaders have never been more important. Today’s professionals expect benefits to support 'the whole person.' Think of the 'WARDROBES FOR THE OFFICE' program as a powerful benefit organizations can leverage to unlock a new level of financial wellness and convenience for their employees.

With our innovative Buy-Now-Pay-Later model, tailored specifically for corporate employees, we are revolutionizing the wardrobe shopping experience for your entire team. By offering professional wardrobe financing as a valuable incentive, companies not only imporve employees' financial health but also strengthen their connection with them.

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Corporate Pride

According to the research, company pride has a strong correlation to higher employee engagement. To strengthen your corporate pride even further, you want to understand your employee’s needs, provide them with the tools and resources they need, and empower them to grow and succeed. A custom office wear program helps your employees dress for success. Your personnel will feel empowered and confident wearing perfect casual, business casual or formal outfits. This will help instill a sense of pride and responsibility. All team members feel valued and integrated.

Boosts Customer Trust

Building solid, lasting relationships depend on how much your customers trust your employees, your brand and its values and this is where office attire steer perception. The more your prospects and customers see your employees dressed in smart, fashionable office wear, the better the chance they will remember you first when deciding who to do business with. Once trust is established, loyalty follows and custom made clothing can go a long way in sustaining both.

Creates a Positive Impression

Whether you like it or not, society judges people on how they look, and if you want to be distinguished as a likeable and powerful brand, then you need to polish your image by dressing your employees for success. Well dressed employee will feel professional and therefore exude professionalism. Highly praised as a tactical means to make an organisation look powerful when employees wear smart and stylish office clothing, the perception is one of professionalism, credibility and business.

Boosts Morale

A key advantage of our office wardrobe program is the morale of the team. When you give your staff a program that cater to their specific interests and actual needs, you make them realise that you care about how they feel and how they look. Not just that, tailored clothing will improve their attitude, boost their self-esteem, and up their morale which lead to greater success in businesses.

Increased Productivity

When employees don’t have to worry about their wardrobes, they can concentrate on their work. Not only does a program like wardrobes for the office create a professional environment, but it has a significant impact on employee confidence and attitude. This program has the power to make your employees feel smart and look sophisticated, which increases their productivity and gives them a sense of belonging and ownership of the company they work for.


Amidst the hustle-bustle in today’s era, everyone wants to find a way to simplify some areas of life. Our wardrobes for the office program is one way to achieve that goal. The office wear scene is competitive and keeping up with all the latest fashion trends can be hard and time consuming. But when you join our custom office wardrobe program, you remove this burden from your employees.


An experience of self expression; combining traditional methods of craftsmanship according to your personal wardrobe needs

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How It Works

Stage 1

We will meet with the senior team to decide on the dates of visits.

Stage 2

All the employees book their time slot online with us one week before the date of visit.

Stage 3

We visit the workplace and measure employees in a private meeting room according to their booked time slots. This ensure that disruption to work is kept to a minimum.

Stage 4

All the garments are individually handmade by our team of expert tailors.

Stage 5

We will return with the completed garments (suits only) for a trial fitting. Each employee try on their suit on in front of a tailor.

Stage 6

All the garments will be delivered and labelled, on time and in perfect condition.

After Service

Subsequent to delivery of the garments we will keep in touch with every employee to make any final alterations that may be needed.